Literary Lawyer – Unveiled


If you have a taste for bizarre, shocking crime stories, this is your stop!  What else would a prosecutor turned blogger blog about?  My cup runneth over with crime. The  stories I write about are ripped from the headlines. You will find the grizzly, the gruesome, the funny, the incredulous and the just plain outrageous. These are the true stories of modern day criminals where anything goes – You can’t make this stuff up! 

I am also writing my debut novel.  What is it about, you ask?  Crime, mystery and murder, of course.  I’ve got a MacBook and a dream.  Wish me luck!

Disclaimer:  The content of this site represents the opinions of the author only and are not intended to provide legal advice.

Disclaimer:  The images and content used on this site are used under the fair use provision of the Copyright Act for purposes of comment, criticism, and news reporting.

Photo Credits:  The images used on this site are taken from different websites and every effort has been made to credit each image.  If you find an image that has not been credited, please contact me and I will properly credit the image or remove it from the site.


15 comments on “Literary Lawyer – Unveiled

  1. Thank you for the visit and the kind words. I wish you the best on your novel, I am working on one as well. This theme with the white font actually looks very nice! All the best, -OM

  2. Thanks for stopping by my little blog spot ! You have a very interesting place here, law has always puzzled me. Some have said America has the greatest legal system money can buy. I will check back in a bit to see what you are up too, Take care……

  3. Hi, Literary Lawyer. It’s the Dimwit. A MacBook and a dream you say? Well, that’s all you need really. I can’t wait to read your novel someday, and I wish you the best. Also, I just wanted to mention again that you’re a very lovely spirit and beautiful, too. It never hurts to pay a compliment. Well, thanks for always being so kind and for visiting. I will be sure to do the same whenever I’ve got some more time. I’ve been staying awfully busy writing, trying to get ahead, but I’ll be visiting lots of blogs to do some reading soon. I look forward to it. Thanks.

    • I wish I could say: “my novel is due out at the end of the month!” Not so — I’m afraid, I’m looking at a few more months than just one. But I’m getting there. And I take your compliments with humility. Thanks much for your frequent visits and I will keep enjoying your blog!

  4. Hi! Thanks for dropping by my blog: “The Nomadic Soliloquist”.
    You have a very insightful blog, with some cool stories and stuffs.
    Feels great to connect with you. Have a good day. Cheers! 🙂

  5. I like your blog! It takes real literary dedication to post at 1:25 in the morning.

    I’ve been considering adding a section on Lawyer Rant for counterpoints, and I think your perspective would be perfect. Maybe we could briefly summarize a news story like this one:

    This is a good story because I’ve had a couple of guys like this come through my office. A delousing and three hots and a cot for a week or two at the County Bed and Breakfast can be really helpful in the winter or when it’s been raining for a while.

    I was thinking that you could give the prosecutor’s view of this kind of case and I’ll provide the defense lawyer’s take on this guy. If we cross link to the same blog post on Literary Lawyer and Lawyer Rant our readers can see both blogs. Plus it would be fun.

    What do you think?


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  7. Hi Tanumoy! Thank you so very much for nominating me and for such kind words. I greatly appreciate your frequent visits to my site and I am truly humbled by it.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, Gotta Find A Home. I have enjoyed reading your articles. I wish you all the best writing your novel. I love reading about crime.


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