6 comments on “Why Did You Say It Paula?

  1. To add insult to injury, Paula Deen’s brother openly said that all N—– are all the same.
    I cannot believe that people think this way.

  2. I used to like this woman until I heard the whole case. I am sorry but I have no remorse for her. People need to suffer the consequences of their action in order to learn in life. Is this what she teaches her grandchildren ? Shame on her !!!!!

  3. I saw her pic in the news and knew she must’ve been saying some really offensive things but hadn’t known just what she’d said until I read this blog. And while reading what she said, I just wanted to cower and hide under my desk – I’m so appalled that, not only does she say these things without shame, but that she denies that they are racist! Ugh, good riddance!

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks for reading and for your comments. Paula Deen (her brother and all those who share her sentiment) are the ones who should be cowering under a desk. The consequences she has suffered are appropriate for her shame.

  4. You can legislate laws but you can’t do the same for what’s in a person’s heart. I once read it isn’t what goes in to a person’s mouth is what defiles them it is what comes out of your mouth is what defiles a man (in this case a woman) Paula Deen certainly prove those words true. She can’t take back what she said nor the fact that is how she feels about people in general.

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