6 comments on “Fired For Being A Victim Of Domestic Violence

  1. Absolutely. The “Ministerial Exception” sounds a lot like being an employee at will – or at whim as we call it- where the employer can fire the employee with or without reason as long as it’s not for a protected reason, i.e. race, gender, religion, etc. And if there’s legal precedence that says the school did nothing wrong, she is not likely to prevail on the lawsuit. It’s very much a bad deal for her but the school apparently did a balancing test, her or the safety of the school and it chose safety of the school – she was expendable. But consider the scenario where the next DV victim sits silent and says nothing. It clearly is a no-win situation.

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  3. I’m very sorry to hear about what this poor teacher has gone through but I completely back the school’s decision. It’s not fair that she had to lose her job but the safety of hundreds of young lives is far more important! Changes need to be made to the legal system to ensure that these stalkers and abusive partners are locked away indefinitely. The victim shouldn’t have to take matters into her own hands to ensure the safety of herself and children.

    Thank you for sharing this post. 🙂

    • The justice system is imperfect as well as the laws. Once prosecutors and the courts have reached its limits in following the law, there’s nothing more to be done with the revolving door of domestic abusers going in and out of jail. Most jurisdictions do their best in notifing victims of bond hearings giving them an opportunity to be heard. As for the decision the school made, I agree. The interest of the children had to outweigh the unfortunate consequence of a loss job.

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