6 comments on “It May Soon Be A Felony To ‘Annoy’ A Police Officer In New York

    • Enjoying what you watch on YouTube is still not a crime. I don’t judge. But I don’t recommend putting your hands on a police officer at any time, for any reason in any state. It won’t end well.

      • I read the sources. You have to make “physical contact.” If your About page is true obviously you will be bias and side with the law and won’t admit a police state is becoming a reality everyday. You may be but a HUMAN in a uniform and badge does not put fear in my heart. Police will abuse this law. Count on it. Watch how many protesters in New York are arrested because of this ridiculous law. A citizen’s word against the authority’s word. Who you think will win? People should have a camera on them at all times incase they come into contact with a police officer where the footage gets uploaded to a server instantly so if the cop tries to damage the original footage of him abusing his power it will be saved. Why are police scared to be filmed if they’re not doing nothing wrong? Again.You’re just a reporter of this kind of news and will have a bias opinion because of your background. Just delete all my comments. I was only participating in the readership of your blog because I’m subbed to it.

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