4 comments on “Miscarriages May Lead To Manslaughter Charges

  1. Ok I’m no lawyer but what happens if a woman does all the right things and still has a miscarriage? If that law gets passed then she would be guilty of manslaughter ?? Seriously?

    • Yes, she would be. Laws are passed two ways, by legislators and by courts, as potentially in this case. I can see that if this court sanctions this, defense attorneys would argue that this case is distinguishable on its facts, that is, say if their client was not a meth user, like in this case, then the law doesn’t apply. But you’re right. And this is the concerned echoed by one of the judges– where are the boundaries?

      • See I knew watching all those Law and Order re runs would pay off lol. By the way how are you doing? And how is your site doing?

  2. LOL. I am doing well, thank you so much for asking. The other site is still up and current but I favor WordPress. Thanks to you and other frequent readers, I’m inspired to keep writing. How is your other site going?

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