6 comments on “Teens Accused of Rape Post Video On Facebook

  1. I recently read about a similiar situation where an adult sexually harrassed a child (he made a video tape of it) the situation was that on an adult social site (Fetlife) the owner (John Baku) made a video tape of himself describing sexual acts he would like to have with a child that had posted an original youtube vlog. Not a damn thing happened to him. As a matter of fact, his pedo friends logged onto youtube and sexually harrassed the child too. The kid had used his real name in his vlog and then people found him on facebook and attempted to alert his family to what had happened.

  2. I am not familiar with this case but I hope once the child’s family found out about what was going on, they alerted the authorities. Facebook and other social media cooperate with law enforcement and will provide access to websites in criminal investigations. Police will seize pictures, videos and statements from those sites if they believe it connects someone to a crime.

  3. How disgusting! Are these kids that starved for attention that they have to post their crime? ( and yes making someone have sex with you when they say no is a crime ) this is sick.

  4. It’s an act of unconscionable brutality. I am glad for two things: (1) that they will be treated as adults and will not be allowed to hide behind the protections of juvenile court. Which means if convicted, they will serve some real jail time. And (2) that Facebook will be the best witness against them.

  5. Total disgust!! If I was the parent of any of those boys I would be crying right now. That poor girl will never be the same. This is the type of behavior that some of our teens deem adequate and the fact of the matter is they should not be having sex at such a young age and on top of that videotaping it!!! really?? This gives a whole new meaning to the saying world gone wild, I am saddened by this crime because now these boys will go into the prison system and come out worse than they went in.

  6. The purpose of juvenile court is to give a youthful offender a chance at rehabilitation. But most jurisdictions allow for criminal prosecution when certain crimes are committed. Rape is usually on that list. What’s really frightening is that crimes committed by teenagers are becoming more brutal and more frequent.

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