19 comments on “Mother Helped Daughter Attack Bully

  1. I didn’t really like the poll daddy options. I am all for what Precious did. I wouldn’t let no one bully my child either and get away with it.

    I got your comment. As you can see I’m back, however, I won’t be reading that article for several reasons lol.

    Are these YOUR words or from actual articles on the matter? What resources (not sources) you use to get you articles? Like what’s your story preference?

    • Hi Har+net. Glad you made it back! When I first started this blog, I had no idea how many stories I would find on bullying but far more interesting, how many stories I would find on parents’ response to it. (Which is why these stories make headlines.) I find my stories from many news sources often starting with the local news. That will lead me to more information from the bigger news source. My research is from the internet and the rest is from my personal experiences. My stories are written in my own words with the proper credit citings. I hope this answers your questions. And thanks for voting on poll-daddy!

      • Absolutely not. In fact, at trial, this information works against her. It serves as her motivation to commit the violent act. The law simply does not favor harmful physical contact and in this case, the victim was briefly hospitalized.

      • She has filed a lawsuit in federal court against the school and the police department. She is alleging that the school erased the tape that would prove her innocence in her assault case. I’m not sure of any other details of the suit. As for what she could have done to address the school’s indifference, the experts advise parents to continue going up the food chain with their complaint, i.e. the superintendent, the school board. It’s also recommended that parents document everything. And if working with the school doesn’t stop the bullying, then it should be reported it to the police. Especially if there has been physical contact.

        From Parentsconnect.com:
        • Document each bullying incident.
        • Contact your child’s teacher and the school’s administrative office in writing to request a meeting.
        • In the meeting, discuss the incidents and give copies of your documentation to the administration.
        • Ask about what action would be done according to the school’s policy and get a time frame for taking action.
        • Take notes and ask for a written copy of what was discussed.
        • Follow up to make sure the actions are followed through with.
        If the issue still isn’t resolved, be prepared to keep going up the ladder to the superintendent, the school board, the police or an attorney if the bullying continues. – Parentsconnect.com

      • My dear Bklynboy59 – you are equipped to go forth and conquer all issues on this matter so I am most confident that you will not do anything that will cause you to need representation. Now – what other criminal matters might you need assistance with?

  2. As you say, taking the law into your own hands is a risky business, and seldom done withy a cool head, but I fully understand the emotions behind her actions. Sometimes the authorities ability to dither would try the patience of ST Peter, never mind an average mortal

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