6 comments on “Help! My Child Is Being Bullied, What Should I Do?

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  2. Hi Allen, Thank you for sharing this story and I am complimented that you used one of my articles as a reference. I was motivated to write the article because I kept coming across stories where parents were resorting to taking the law into their own hands to address the issue of bullying. They all ended up in hot water with the law. Many of the comments I got were from readers who supported the actions of these parents. Standing up to defend your child is a given, but I wanted to encourage parents to find a more law-abiding way to address the issue. It was my hope that including tips from experts in the field might be useful information for someone facing the problem. Thank you for reading my site and again for finding value in one of my articles to include it on your own site. I hope you come back to visit again soon –

    • Thanks for linking those Olweus resources. I became aware of Olweus’s work via Elliot Aronson’s book “The Social Animal.” Until now I was unaware there was already a Bully Prevention Program carrying his name. Good deal!

  3. You forgot to mention the teachers beating, molesting, and raping the children. The children raping each other. The police tazing, beating, and arresting children at schools for little or no reason.

    Why do parents even send their kids to “school”? To be forced to learn useless things, tortured, and violated? Who would want that for their pride and joy? Police-forced public education is unconstitutional. If any of that crap happened to my kids, I would kill people!

    We are currently in the process of moving 2,500 miles to a homeschooling friendly State. No way my kids will be in a State run school!

    • It’s true that public schools don’t enjoy a seller reputation for being the best place for educating students. This is why more and more parents seek alternatives such as you have. I agree that parents must be vigilante in not only making sure their children are getting a competitive education but also that their kids are safe. No child can learn in a bullying environment.

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