4 comments on “Father Storms School Bus, Confronts Disabled Daughter’s Bullies

  1. That’s a pretty tough call. On the one hand I have to respect a man who’s willing to step up to protect his child. On the other, storming a school bus and threatening other children isn’t the way to do it. It sets a bad example and puts the parents of those children on the defensive, not to mention probably gives them legal ground to stand on. But I’m not a parent or a lawyer, so I’m probably not the best person to comment on this.

    I WAS a bullied student, however I was lucky enough to have a vice principal who actually listened when I went to him about a particular student I had trouble with in the seventh grade. Some kids don’t have that, unfortunately.

  2. Hi rybpierce. Your comments are greatly appreciated. I’m sorry you were bullied but very glad you had an outlet to resolve it. I think that’s what’s missing in these stories. Parents are frustrated with the schools that seem to be ineffective and that frustration leads to rage and then they end up in the news. Going after the bully will always result in criminal charges.

  3. WHen my son was elementary school, there was a high school boy that would harass him on the school bus.
    My ex husband who, unfortunately, wasn’t always the most rational person, went to the boy’s house and confronted the boy’s father. He, surprisingly, did not confront the boy.
    Fortunately the father did not feel the need to involve law enforcement and the boy’s behavior on the bus was corrected.
    As a parent, I can empathize with the father in this story. I’d want to kick those kids’ asses too, however, I am not an ass-kicker.
    What’s the follow up on this? Did it stop? Were the kids punished? Does the girl still ride the bus?

  4. Hi trippybeth – I’m sorry your son was a victim. But the good news is that it worked itself to a favorable conclusion. According to the report, the bullying did not immediately stop. There was no report on whether or not any action was taken against the bullies. It’s also unknown as to what documentation the school had regarding the children bullying the father’s daughter. The father, even though he was charged and convicted, did not regret his actions which is what he said on the Today show. And Chatari, reportedly, went back to school with newfound confidence saying that if she is teased — or sees another victim being teased — she “will call the bully out and tell them that that’s not right.” The law simply does not allow for disorderly, threatening behaviors. And taking the law into your own hands to right what you believe is a wrong, is not a defense.

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