8 comments on “Crystal Meth: Before And After

  1. I didn’t click on the before and after photographs because your description alone was unsettling. I’ve never been a drug sort of person, and now I’m really glad I’m not. What a horrible self inflicted hell that leads you to. Being caught seems the least of their worries

  2. I didn’t need to see the before and after photos to know what meth does… seems like half the world around us is on Meth. People don’t have a fear of being out of control anymore …how sad.

  3. I am a recovering heroin addict and meth is not readily available where I’m from in WNY but it’s around. I had my experiences with Meth in other states. If it were here and available, I sure I would have been doing that as well. The first time was in Kansas City where I stayed awake smoking it for 8 days straight, I was a pretty hard core IV drug addict and I had never been awake that long doing any other drug. It’s cheap for starters, very cheap which makes it even more dangerous. It, lasts a long time as well and everyone seems to want to share it. Not so with other drugs, there is no sharing drugs when you’re a heroin addict or a crack addict. It was very different from anything else I had done. I am so glad I don’t have to live that life anymore. I love each new day, with new experiences and I am so grateful for making it out alive and healthy. I write about recovery and my journey now. I share on what works for me and about my story. I have a master’s degree in counseling and my grandmother was an English Professor with many novels and textbooks published. I came from a good family. This disease does not discriminate, it can happen to anyone. I never thought I’d be shooting up in public restrooms homeless and loose my kids my home my cars, everything. No one thought this could ever happen to me but it did. I have all of my kids back, they are teenagers now. I love life, I love learning, growing, my NA friends and the spiritual path I’ve taken following the Buddhist principles of life yet praying to a Christian God! It scares me what is out there now, Meth is such a wide spread problem and it’s coming here. It is so dangerous and full of awful chemicals. All I can do is work on me, set an example and hope someone hears my story and wants a better way to live. Thank you for this post, it was a real eye opener for me.

  4. Hi Amy! I was inspired reading your success story. It overflows with spirit, courage and determination. You are indeed a positive example to others that pulling through such a dark experience can be done. Your decision to write and blog about your journey may well be your calling. I encourage you to keep spreading your message. So many people need to hear it. And congratulations on your books!

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