8 comments on “Thinking About Going To Law School?

  1. I think anyone applying to law school should exercise an overabundance of caution. Job prospects are so bad for attorneys that many have started filing class action lawsuits against the institutions that gave them their J.D.s alleging gross misrepresentation of the likely employment outcomes. Finally, the public is starting to realize the many misconceptions about the legal profession, and law school applications are down. This makes it easier to get in, but the job prospects aren’t any better.


  2. Hi Christian. Thank you for commenting on “Thinking About Going To Law School.” After posting it, I read the article you referenced regarding the civil law suit for misrepresented employment stats. Honestly, it saddens me that the profession and that which gets you into it, is on the decline. My decision to go to law school was not the result of research or a study of statistics. Had I done so, I too would have been discouraged. I am the person you speak of when you mention the individual success of a law school graduate. I am very proud of my law degree and even knowing what I know now, I would do the same all over again. (And this is from someone who actually hated law school.) Why? Because I always knew it was a means to an end. I took what I got from it and made my own success. I do agree that the job market has dried up and that’s a sound reason to choose another career. I also agree that law school does not teach you how to practice law. That comes with interning, being mentored and finding your own way. I did it, was glad I did it, and ended up with one of the best jobs in the world. (At least I think so.) I guess that makes me one of the lucky ones which I am grateful to be –

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