2 comments on “Teen Punished For School Suspension: Must Wear Embarrassing Sign

  1. Need more information. Is this a repeat offender? (I assume so) Have other, less humiliating remedies been tried? What was the kid’s reaction to the punishment? Did it work? Has it worked in the past with others? Is it legal? (not cruel and unusual? 🙂 ) Had the kid been warned that this COULD be a consequence of his truancy?

    I’m all for experimentation, but I think one should be extra careful with mind game-type punishment, and it should be used only after very careful consideration.

    So, here’s my assessment: If the kid is a repeat offender, and other less embarrassing remedies have been tried, and the kid knew this COULD be a consequence, but did it anyway, then I guess I’m fine with it.

    What do YOU think?


    — xPraetorius

  2. The reason for the 10-day suspension was fighting with a girl. Other than that, I wish I had more information to share. However, having done work in juvenile court, my guess is that the child IS a repeat offender for teenage mischief and general bad behavior. I will also guess that the parents were fed up with his antics. Since the humiliation has already been done, let’s hope the teen was embarrassed straight. As for me, I’ve never hung a sign around a teenager’s neck or held one out to public scorn or ridicule.

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