4 comments on “Office Prank Not So Funny: Results In Criminal Charges And Federal Lawsuit

  1. I think the ‘kick me’ sign was bad enough but the joke crossed the line when the two kicked the man in the buttocks! Hard to believe these are adults.

  2. Ouch! Wrong on so many different levels. The prank was silly, but when the other employees followed through on the instructions, that made it just dumb. The world today doesn’t tolerate the silly that turns into the dumb. We’ve lost our sense of humor, and we’ve forgotten how to take a deep breath and roll our eyes. But even when we had these two precious abilities, that was STILL a dumb joke.

    Were the kicks delivered by the other employees REALLY strong enough to warrant misdemeanor battery charges? Hard to understand how that could be, but if they truly were, then the kickers deserved their ignominious departures. If, however, they were simply tiny shoves, then that’s not nearly enough to warrant charges and the termination of a 19-year career!

    What a world! The Corporate environment has become much more tense and forbidding than it was 20 years — even 10 years! — ago. Sad thing!

    Your comment: “Hard to believe these are adults” was right on the mark. Still…people nowadays DO need to learn to give a baleful glare, roll their eyes, and not rush off to HR for every little thing.


    — xPraetorius

  3. Hi Praetorius! I’m afraid that battery charge was correct notwithstanding whether or not it was a tiny shove. A simple battery in most jurisdictions is the intentional physical contact of an insulting or provoking nature. So its not too far of a stretch to find that being kicked in the buttocks was insulting. One really needs to be careful about making any kind of physical contact with another person while in the workplace. Losing a career over something this silly is, well – just silly.

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