8 comments on “Ugly Baby Lawsuit

  1. For once I am rencered speechless…whatever happened to all babies are beautiful to the parents notion!!!???

  2. There is a lot of ways to go with this none of the good. This is unbelievable. yes I ‘d like to know what the relationship with father and child will be like in the future hello ugly child meet your truly ugly father not based on looks but on the character of his soul.
    I guess does that means if a man meets a woman he should ask if her face is real???

  3. Not saying he is justified, but one might hope at some point in the relationship. Husband, “I hope our daughter get’s your eyes.” Wife, “She can, they were only $30K.”
    Husband, “You’re funny, by the way, I wanted to asked you about this $100k credit card bill. You said it was for school loans, right?”

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