4 comments on “Fired School Counselor Says Facebook Account Hacked

  1. I can’t say for certain that the comments made were to Wright, but if they did make them just fess up and don’t go through all the drama of suing facebook and calling undo attention.

  2. I agree. I honestly thought that once we heard the story and learned of the firing that would have been the end of it. Then this wrinkle popped up. I am now very curious to know what the data from Facebook will uncover. This one – I am watching!

  3. If it wasn’t she who wrote that, it’s less likely that it was hacked than that she just left it open on some computer somewhere and someone typed it in as a bad joke. That type of thing. It seems kind of illiterate for a school counselor, doesn’t it?


    — xPraetorius

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