13 comments on “Newest Fashion Trend in Prison: Eye Tattoos

  1. I’m somewhat fascinated with the tattoo scene and a few related subcultures so I knew this was doing on. However, I never actually saw the process until now. These people are more than a little nuts.

  2. The prisoners never said how it was done or what was used, but clearly needles or syringes were involved and it’s curious to me how these items fell into their hands. This tells us just how resourceful they are.

  3. I like tattoos, have one myself, but that….that just creeps me out. I got this ugly, gut feeling about messing with my eyes (I wear glasses). Hell, I have concerns over lazer eye surgery, despite it’s proven technology. This….nope..not for me.

    • What’s most curious to me is how someone thinks this stuff up. I’m with you – I wear glasses too, have been since I was three years old. I don’t even wear contacts because I could never get used to the idea of touching my eyes! .

      • I had contacts for awhile, would consider them again but their price has skyrocketed. Damn industry realized how popular they are, so jacked up the price (like diesel). I would like to be able to buy a nice pair of sun glasses…..but am kinda stuck with them having to be perscription…which ups the price 😦

      • It’s funny…the glasses I have now are the simplest frames I ever owned but are one of the most expensive ones too. Damn designer names….

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