7 comments on ““Too Many White Boys . . .”

  1. What do I think of temporary politicians making deals that permanently impact the taxpayers? I think it’s an immoral practice. It’s a vicious cycle…voters belonging to some special interest (such as teachers’ unions or some other government union) organize to elect their hand-picked candidate, then that candidate gets in office and repays those voters with favoritism, and the cycle repeats when the time comes for re-election.

    I wonder if a study has ever been done to document how high is the percentage of state legislators and school board members that are former teachers.

    In Colorado, the government retirement pension system is called PERA — Public Employees’ Retirement Association. Their pension is funded by a combination of employee contributions and employer contributions. In this case, the “employer” is us…the taxpayers. The proportion of funding by the taxpayers is far more than done by private employers make to 401K accounts. Plus the retirement benefits are absolutely lavish, compared to the private sector. So what can I and my fellow taxpayers do about it? Essentially nothing. The PERA board of directors has nobody on it that represents the taxpayers, except for the Colorado Secretary of State (who is a Republican at this time, but that can change). So can I advocate for State legislation to be passed to reform the system? No, not successfully, because both chambers of our State legislature are dominated by a Democrat majority right now, and they’re PERA members (conflict of interest). Even if something could get passed by them, it would have to be signed by the Governor. He’s a Democrat, and he’s a future PERA beneficiary (conflict of interest). The lawyers that represent PERA say they consider the taxpayers’ “commitment” to fund the PERA corpus is a binding commitment (promised by temporary politicians at the expense of permanent taxpayers). So the only thing us taxpayers might be able to do is sue the State, but when that case goes to the Colorado Supreme Court…guess what? That court is currently staffed with a majority of liberal-leaning judges, who are also all future PERA beneficiaries (yup, conflict of interest). How’s that for the Triple Crown of government systemic corruption, all at the colossal expense of the gullible, inattentive taxpayers???

    – Jeff

    P.S. Thanks for your comment and “likes” over on my blog today. I am now following you, and I invite you to follow me.

    • You are absolutely correct. I think one of the big problems in local government is that these are the offices that taxpayers don’t pay much attention to. We go in, we vote for the big-ticket candidate – the president, the governor, the mayor – and we don’t know much about the local candidates, nor do we care. And when there’s a problem, now we suddenly care. We once had a high sheriff voted into office and no one knew how challenged he was until we had a horrific shooting at the courthouse that resulted in the death of a judge, a court reporter, a deputy and an ICE agent. I watched this elected official at the press conference and could not believe what I saw. He was confused, scared and had no answers. It was an embarrassment to the sheriffs’ department, to the city and the state. That said, I think taxpayers have a duty to be educated about ALL the candidates when we go into the booth and punch the buttons. Many thanks for the read and your thoughtful comments. And yes, I accept your invitation!

  2. Does your WordPress theme allow an “About” page? If so, your readers may be interested in knowing a little about you, and your pending guest blogger. You exude political common sense, and I wonder how you came by it. Please consider posting an article or three about where you sit ideologically, and why. Or if that’s not a direction you want to pursue here on your turf, please consider revealing it at some length via comments on my turf. I don’t judge books by their cover, but since all I have to go by is your picture, I’d say you’re possibly a “political contrarian,” and I HIGHLY respect the courage of political contrarians. (If you prefer to stay away from this avenue of discussion, I won’t be offended if you delete this comment — I intend no mischief.)

    – Jeff

    • Thank you much! I am complimented. I do have an About page but it has gone missing. I’ve been having some WordPress issues but attributed it to overall changes to the site. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. But in the short, I’m a former prosecutor turned writer and on my blog, I pull cases from the headlines and offer my (humble) opinions of them mostly with a bent toward black humor.

      • LL,
        In pulling cases from headlines, I assume you mean local headlines. So your post this evening about Reese Witherspoon’s education in real life, with the detailed police report that few people besides a smart former prosecutor would be able to find ( 🙂 ) leads me to deduce that you’re in Atlanta. Why did you leave the legal profession, or is it just a hiatus? Where can we find your non-blogging endeavors in writing?

        (BTW, I noticed something about your WordPress settings that you might want to change, to avoid being the victim of monkeywrenching by trolls. They attempted it on me about 4 months ago. I won’t describe it here, but if you drop me an email at my blog’s address I’ll reply with a fix. See my “contact us” page.)
        – Jeff

  3. HI JJ! Grazie for returning to my site and reading “Too Many White Boys.” I see that you are writing a memoir and may I also assume you are seeking an agent to help you publish it? If so, unfortunately, I do not have an agent that I can recommend to you. However, I can make the following recommendations: (1) Join your local writer’s club. Usually, they hold workshops and its a great place to network and meet other writers who have successfully published. (2) Your writer’s club will also have conferences where they bring writers and agents together. That’s probably the best place to get your work into the hands of an agent. (3) If you’re not interested in selling your work to a major publishing company there are smaller publishing houses that take submissions without the representation of agents. I hope this information was helpful.

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